Frequently asked questions

Q1:How to join AU777?

A1: Please click "Free registration" at the top right of the homepage and fill in the information truthfully, and then you can become our distinguished member. You register a member account and deposit successfully Then you can place real bets on our company's games.

Q2: Can I deposit money directly on the Internet?

A2: Yes, AU777 provides a variety of online deposit options, please refer to the deposit instructions for details.

Q3: Where can I find the rules of the game?

A3: Before you log in, you can see the "Game Rules" option on the outermost layer of the game, which clearly tells you the game's gameplay, rules and payout methods. In the game window, there is also a "rule" option, which allows you to pop up the window to remind you of the rules of the game at any time while enjoying the fun of the game.

Q4: Can I just try it without placing a bet?

A4: Yes, we sincerely invite you to try our video games. No need to log in, just click [Try it for free] to experience the game!

Q5: How many decks of cards will your game use?

A5: In Baccarat we will use 8 decks of cards, and other games will be adjusted according to their nature.

Q6: When will you shuffle the cards?

A6: In all card games, the cards will be shuffled when the red shuffle mark appears or the game is interrupted due to line problems.

Q7: What is my betting limit?

A7: You can bet from a minimum bet of 20 (video) to 100 (ball) and above. Your bet code will vary according to your deposit and the game you choose.

Q8: What should I do if I forget my password?

A8: If you forget your login or withdrawal password, please contact 24-hour online customer service in time and provide the real information you registered and fill in to submit the system for you Modified.

Q9: Appears when you register, the account is already registered.

A9: Due to the large number of registered members in our company, it is inevitable to encounter duplication of member accounts. It is recommended that you change to a new member account to register.

Q10: How to retrieve the account number.

A10: If you forget your account, please contact 24-hour online customer service in time.

Q11: How to bind a bank account.

A11: If you need to bind a bank account, please contact us in time 24-hour online customer service.

Q12: What is a special offer

A12: The company will launch various preferential activities from time to time to repay the support and love of new and old players. When you participate in the latest discounts on the website, you can get corresponding discounts and rewards for that event!

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Preferential rules

Preferential rules and terms

1. All discounts are settled in Thai Baht (THB).
2. In order to obtain all the preferential bonuses or rebates on this website, users must comply with all regulations and additional terms in order to enjoy relevant preferential benefits.
3. The user involves individuals or groups using improper methods as follows to defraud or defraud related preferential bonuses. This website has the right to freeze or close relevant accounts without notice, and the user will be included in the list. Blacklist, and reserves the right to pursue it.
4. The user has more than one account, including the same name, the same email address, the same address, the same bank account, the same computer (universities, groups, Internet cafes, libraries, offices, etc.), which are regarded as joint accounts or suspicious accounts.
5. Risk-free betting and gambling behavior.
6.AU777 reserves the right of final interpretation of the event, as well as the right to modify and terminate the event without notice, which applies to all offers.

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