Responsible Gambling

Privacy Policy

1. AU777 () respects and values ​​the privacy of members very much. We will try our best to ensure the security of your information and data so that customers have no worries. This is what we have always followed The purpose of the privacy policy.
2. AU777 () will never disclose any personally identifiable information to any third party, unless it receives a court subpoena or is required by a feasible law and judgment. We have the right to provide necessary personal information to relevant payment platform service providers and financial insurance institutions to complete payment requirements through the website.
3. All personal information provided by members is transmitted through a 128-bit SSL encrypted secure port and stored in a confidential environment inaccessible to the general public. All internal access to data will be strictly restricted and closely monitored.
The following are a few items about the privacy protection rules of customers' personal information:


The website service is provided by AU777 (). In order to allow customers to enjoy a safe and pleasant service experience here, we ask customers to read this "Privacy Policy" carefully, which will involve matters related to our use of your personal information. The company takes a rigorous attitude towards the personal privacy of customers. In order to allow customers to enjoy further services, sometimes we may need customers to provide personal information. This policy will cover the use of relevant customer personal information, as well as the procedures for recording relevant information. Sometimes, customers may need to provide personal information (such as name, mailing address, email address, membership number, telephone or mobile number, date of birth or payment information) before accepting further services. In any case, we will check this policy To process your personal information. When using your personal information, we will apply the current legal terms and try our best to deal with it in the best and most secure way. At the same time, we will also monitor the content of your activities on this website, which may include your visits, pages visited, the original domain name of the network service, etc. This will help us to establish customer personal file data. Some of the data will be aggregated for statistics, which means that we will not be able to test them individually.


When a customer opens an account at AU777 (), we will ask you to provide certain personal information, such as: name, mailing address, email address, password and confirming you Whether you are over 18 years old (AU777 () only accepts customers who have reached the legal age of 18 years old or above). We may need to use your personal information to confirm your various financial transactions, regularly send company real-time newsletters, provide customer service support and complete and comprehensive gaming services to you. If you want to stop receiving company real-time newsletters, you can make relevant choices in the newsletter receiving options according to the prompts. It should also be noted that the name you register must be your own name, and the data you register is true and valid data, because it will be used for subsequent transaction verification and other purposes mentioned above.

Access information

When you visit the pages of our website, there will be a small text folder "Information Logging Program" stored on your computer. Many websites have similar settings, because this setting is very useful for website publishers, for example, it can record whether the computer (or user) has visited this website. AU777 () will store and record the customer’s "information recording program" and IP address. These data will help us improve and improve our services. Help us analyze the complete information of our customers. This type of data is not used to create files for customers' personal information, so it will be erased regularly.

Data confidentiality

AU777 () will do its best to protect the personal data provided to us by customers, and will not deliberately leak the data to outsiders, unless there is a clear text in this policy clause Regulations. All AU777 () employees are required to follow the terms of this policy. Employees are obliged to strictly guard the personal information of customers, even if they leave AU777 (), they must still adhere to this obligation. You must also protect your personal information. You should strictly observe your account password and should not disclose it to others.

Receipt of customer information

In addition to the above statutory requirements, we may also disclose your personal information to our staff, staff of other related companies or AU777 () Partners and third-party network service providers who provide relevant services for AU777 () customers (including but not limited to security, credit and risk review agencies) . Third-party network service providers can check any detailed data we provide in public or private databases and have the opportunity to obtain and retain inspection records. We can also obtain your personal information through third-party network service providers. If you provide us with your personal information or we receive your personal information from a third-party network service provider, it means that you have agreed that we can process, use, record and disclose your personal information. We reserve the right to freeze or close your AU777 () member account at any time based on the information provided by you or a third-party network service provider.

Service statement

For service quality assurance, fraud prevention and regulatory compliance reasons, we will keep and monitor customer communication records (such as telephone and email records). Customers have the right to ask us not to use their personal information directly for marketing. If you want to exercise this right, the customer should prepare the following; submit a written application to provide information that can prove your identity (such as account number, user name, registration information) and indicate where the personal information is incorrect and the content that needs to be corrected. Acknowledgement of privacy protection rules Once a customer registers and opens an account at AU777 (), it means that you agree with the terms of this privacy protection rule. We will update the terms of this policy on a regular basis, so we recommend that customers check it regularly. If we change this policy, we will post a message on the relevant webpage. After the policy is changed, the customer's continued use of the AU777 () website will be regarded as the customer's approval of the policy change. If the user does not accept this policy change, you can choose to disable our website services. If there is a divergence between this policy clause and other partial special clauses, the partial special clauses will apply.

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AU777 does not make any control over the accuracy or timeliness of the content of any external website linked to by this site, and does not take any responsibility.
Gambling is entirely a personal choice, based on personal judgment and analysis, and at your own risk. When a user places a bet, it means that the user acknowledges that the betting service, betting website and betting information are not offensive, and are not offensive, unfair or contrary to public morals. Some jurisdictions have not yet concluded on the legality of online and / or offshore online gambling; while other jurisdictions clearly stipulate that online gambling (within / or offshore) is illegal. We do not encourage anyone to use and connect to betting websites, betting information / or betting services under illegal circumstances . The establishment and provision of gambling services, gambling information and gambling websites does not constitute an offer, solicitation or invitation to anyone to use or link the above content in those countries where it is illegal to use or link the above content. Users are solely responsible for complying with relevant laws and regulations applicable to them, and AU777 does not deal with gambling services, gambling software, gambling websites or the gambling information in them and the user’s applicable laws and regulations Comply with any statement made.
Gaming services, betting software, betting websites and betting information are provided in accordance with the " as-is principle " . Except as expressly stated in this article, AU777 does not make any statement or guarantee regarding gambling services, gambling websites, gambling software and gambling information. Therefore, all statements or guarantees related to gambling services, gambling software, gambling websites and gambling information, whether express or implied, statutory or not, are hereby excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law. AU777 Not on the accuracy, timeliness, safety, continuity, correctness, or resistance to external interference (of any nature) of betting services, betting software, betting websites or betting information , And guarantee to correct any defects found. AU777 also does not guarantee that gambling services, gambling software, gambling websites and gambling information or servers providing the above content do not contain any viruses, spyware, adware or other malicious or destructive Code, programs, data, macros, or other software or features that can affect any connected device / or data stored in it. The user promises to take precautions at his own expense to ensure that the process, method , and / or connected equipment used by the user or connection to the gambling service , as well as the installation of gambling software and the use of gambling websites, will not bring computer viruses, spyware, or adware Or other codes that are malicious, destructive, or can cause the computer to paralyze, or cause other risks of interference and destruction of the connected equipment or the data stored in it.
In the event of a system error or communication error related to account settlement or other aspects of gambling services, AU777 shall not bear any responsibility for this. In this case, AU777 reserves the right to cancel all bets affected by the above errors and take any corrective actions.
In any case, any damage, loss or expenditure caused by users connecting, using or participating in betting services, betting websites, betting software and betting information, including any interference or damage to the user's connected equipment or stored data, AU777 does not assume any responsibility. In addition, AU777 does not apply to content provided by third parties ( including but not limited to broadband and telecommunications service providers ) in gaming services, gaming websites, gaming software, and gaming information. Any guarantees and statements are not responsible; under any circumstances, AU777 shall not be liable for any breach, fault or omission of the above-mentioned third-party partners.
In any case, AU777 , its affiliates, affiliates, partners, managers, employees and agents shall not be liable for any damages, losses or expenses, including but not limited to Caused by the user's connection or use of betting services, betting sites, betting software and betting information, or related to the user's connection or use of betting services, betting sites, betting software and betting information, or caused by the user's download, installation or use of betting software Any direct, indirect, causal or special damage or economic loss, regardless of whether AU777 has been notified that the above-mentioned damage, loss or expenditure may occur. In any case, any loss or damage ( whether based on contract, infringement, strict liability or other reasons ) caused by or related to any matter, event or situation directly related to the user's bet , the maximum permitted by law Within the scope, the full responsibility of AU777 to the user ( if any ) shall not exceed the corresponding bet amount of the user.
The user acknowledges that the gaming information may be temporary in nature in whole or in part, and can be revised, modified or changed in accordance with this regulation. Therefore, the user acknowledges that the gaming information is for reference only and does not constitute any advice, opinion or solicitation, and does not constitute any binding statement, guarantee, or contractual obligation related to AU777 Or the content and basis on which the user is based.
The user hereby acknowledges and agrees that after considering all relevant factors, including but not limited to the value of the consideration provided by the user to AU777, all liability exemptions and exclusions of obligations described in this regulation represent the user And AU777 agreement fair and reasonable risk sharing and benefit distribution. The user further agrees that the above exemptions and restrictions are enforceable to the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws .
If users disagree with the results of any gambling or competition, they should submit a written complaint to us through the email address contacted by the website within fourteen (14) days after the announcement of the result. If the user's connected device does not match the transaction result stored in the transaction record of the AU777 system (although the possibility of this happening is very small), the user agrees to AU777 AU777 The transaction results certified by our technical director recorded in the transaction records in the system should be the unquestionable evidence that these results are final. We recommend that users keep all transaction records in AU777, such as deposit / withdrawal confirmation receipts. Users should also pay attention to any changes to the rules and terms.

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Complaints and Suggestions

AU777 is committed to ensuring that every customer always has a pleasant experience when using our services. However, we acknowledge that under certain circumstances, your expectations may not be met. If so, we hope to hear your opinions as soon as possible to solve your problems quickly and fairly.
Our customer service team has been professionally trained to provide you with satisfactory results. In rare cases, when the results are not satisfactory, you can submit a complaint to senior management. They will conduct an independent review of your complaint and seek a solution to it.

How to complain

If you wish to lodge a complaint, you can do so through online consultation, email, telephone, station message or QQ.

What to provide

In order to deal with your complaint as quickly as possible, you need to provide as detailed information as possible, including:
Your name
Your username
Your six-digit security code
Complaint details

What will we do?

Your complaint will be handed over to the customer service team of AU777 for processing. We will endeavor to reply to you within 48 hours.
If you are not satisfied with our response, you can apply to submit your complaint to the customer service management for processing. This will be considered as the final solution for AU777.
If you are still dissatisfied with the final proposal we have given, you can appeal to the Independent Gaming Arbitration Service (IBAS).
You can also submit your complaint to the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

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Responsible Gaming

Gaming Survey Questionnaire

AU777 is actively working to provide players with a high-quality entertainment platform. The purpose of these questions is that we have installed and upgraded a number of safety facilities to ensure the fairness and justice of our games. We encourage customers to answer our questionnaires to understand the status of their customers’ hazards to gambling:
Do you gamble because you avoid work and study?
Do you gamble because you are bored or unhappy?
When you finish your betting, do you feel that your money has been lost or you want to bet again as soon as possible?
Will you gamble until all your money is lost?
Do you lie to borrow money, or even steal for gambling?
Have you deliberately concealed the time and money that you paid in gambling?
Are you unwilling to spend your bet on other things?
Have you lost interest in family, friends and hobbies?
After adding all your bets, will you feel that you will win back your lost funds as soon as possible
If most of your answers are "yes", you may have been addicted to gambling, we suggest you:
Regarding gambling as a kind of entertainment and leisure project
Avoid continuous losses
Have their own knowledge of gambling
Reasonably arrange your time and energy in gambling
You can also go to GamCare's website to find out more about the solution of gambling problems in an enlightened way.

Age restriction:

Gambling is prohibited for people under the age of 18. Suncity VIP will keep inquiring about the age information provided by the customer. If the age proof is found to be inconsistent with the one provided by the customer, we will close the customer’s account and freeze all the information provided by the customer. The remaining funds. As the laws and regulations vary from place to place, we recommend that customers read the local laws for inquiries before playing gambling games. Suncity VIP Club recommends prohibiting you from opening multiple accounts, anonymous usernames, and the abuse of passwords.

Parental monitoring:

There are many parents and guardians requesting to filter the Internet, we recommend the following website:
Net Nanny software can protect children from inappropriate websites:
CYBERsitter will allow parents to set up a segregated website:
[AU777 is the best online casino in the world] Official website:

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